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We have 1 Velopex Intra-XE manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. Daylight Loader Lid Lock 10. The Velopex Xtender offers the ultimate in x-ray film processing efficiency, reliability and convenience for the busy practice.

Velopex is a leading dental equipment specialist offering a wide range of dental diagnostic solutions, patient treatment equipment. Manual Processing Solutions;. Daylight Loader Lid 12. WARNING: Make sure the film is fed in squarely, and the short edge is the leading edge. Film Collector 4. Velopex Intra-X Processor Dental with Velopex Hi come with developer and fixed and film,. This will ensure a long life for your processor. Manuals and User Guides for Velopex Intra-X.

Velopex Sprint £1,200. When processing film, do not remove hands from entry sleeves until the film has fully INFORMATION PANEL EXTRA-X Serial No. 3) Fill the fixer tank with.

fresh developer, and gently replace roller system. This is the first Compressor designed specifically to be sited within the Dental Surgery and can be mounted either on a Velopex trolley (which can also house the Velopex Aquacut. The processor could be dangerous if incorrectly installed or maintained outside the instructions set. WARNING: DO NOT USE IN THE PRESENCE OF FLAMMABLE ANAESTHETIC GASES.

Framework in pure aluminium to give a robust machine; Tanks in stainless steel to prevent cracks – even in harsh conditions. The Intra-X is fully automatic, requiring no personal supervision during processing and delivers dry, developed x-ray images in 4 minutes. 00 i/elc2161f connector block 4 stack all . Pour approximately ½ gallon of VELOPEX PROCESSOR CLEANER into the washtub and add approximately ½ gallon of HOT tap water – DO NOT boil. part description machine list price southpointe price i/fit2121f a/c power cord socket rubber insulating boot all . Hand Entry Port/Glove 11. 09 × Close Compare Products. Computer Hardware Velopex Intra-X User Manual 32 pages Automatic x-ray film processor Laboratory Equipment Velopex INTRA-X Quick Start Manual 6 pages.

Processes all sizes of intra-oral film. Automatic X-Ray Film Processor Machine serial number to be quoted on all correspondence: C US I/LIT0050P Extra-X Manual English Iss. Velopex Processor Cleaning 1 Quality Assurance – for instructions refer to back of. Dry-to-wet intra-oral film developer. Extra-X computer hardware pdf manual download. On/Off Power Switch 6.

TIP: Centre the film on the guide provided to post the film through the processor. Operating the Processor (cont. Saint Paul, MN 55120. Velopex INTRA-X Film Processor – l/MACF Fast dry-to-dry processing of all intra-oral films, including endodontic films. Velopex Intra-XE User Manual (28 pages) Automatic X-Ray Film Processor. ImageMax gallon-sized solutions are formulated for automatic film processors with ROLLERS or BELTS like: A/T, Gendex, Dent-X, or Velopex. Our NDT film processor is designed to provide high quality processing of your NDT film. 47 i/fitf cleaning brush all .

Warranty may be voided if the processor is incorrectly installed or maintained outside the guidelines set forth in this manual. Allow ONE module to soak on one side for 2-3 minutes. Endodontic films may be viewed wet in only 6 or 120 seconds. velopex processor manual The beautifully finished Velopex Zephyr 150 has been designed to operate in the surgery, to take in air at atmospheric pressure and provide two pressurized outputs. Designed for low level maintenance.

Dental Film Processor, X-Ray, Dent-X810, Gendex, Star X-ray Co, Velopex International, Radiological Film Radiography Processors, Starmatic, Dental X-Ray Developing Vischeck. We can operate with film from all leading suppliers such as Kodak, Fuji and Agfa. View and Download Velopex Extra-X quick start manual online. The Xtender package comprises a top specification processor with high capacity auxiliary chemical reservoirs. ) VELOPEX INTRA-X User Guide 10 10 Film feeding direction.

1: 2: 3: Sort by Name. Processes all sizes and types of intra-oral x-ray film, sizes from 22 x 54mm to max. Velopex chemicals benefit from excellent longevity, deliver consistently high quality images and are available in 2 concentrations.

following instructions contained in this user’s manual. fresh fixer, and gently replace fixer roller system. Velopex X-ray Film Processor – Left Side 2. This manual is to be used with the following Velopex processors: Extra-X, Extra-XE, Lynx, Xtender, Freedom. Unit is fully automatic, requiring no personal supervision during processing and delivers dry, developed x-ray images in 4-1/2 minutes. velopex extra-x automatic dental x-ray film processor unable to test sold as parts or not working thanks.

5 Issued: 11/10/11. The processor could be dangerous if incorrectly installed or maintained outside the guidelines set out in this manual and the. High Quality Dental X-Ray Imaging for Diagnosis and Archiving The Velopex Intra-X processes high quality images of dental x-ray film, size 0-4. PLEASE NOTE: For best results ONLY USE VELOPEX CHEMICALS.

This manual is to be used with the following Velopex processors: Intra-X, Intra-XE. VLP Velopex Processor Cleaner Gallon Cs/4 + 4. IntraX Automatic Film Processor Each| Velopex International Inc — I/MACF Compare Aquacare Air Abrasion Unit Single Ea| Velopex International Inc velopex processor manual — I/MAC8503F. Flip module to the other side and soak 2-3 minutes. VLP Module, Developer MK5 Intra + 7. Daylight Loader Viewing Window 9. Note: Velopex developer and fixer has a factory 1-year guarantee from date of shipment from Velopex.

Velopex Chemicals can be used for both manual and automatic processing and are recommended for use in all Velopex Automatic Processors, while also being suitable for use in most other machines. 2) Replace developer section into processor. Daylight Loader. Xtender Automatic Film Processor.

Velopex XTENDER Film Processor, l/MAC1017F Top specification processor with chemical recycling. High Quality Dental X-Ray Imaging for Diagnosis and Archiving. Endodontic films may be viewed wet after only two minutes and 30 seconds. complete lecture of film processing0 processing youtube, 2 complete poultry processing, 2 complete poultry processing line, 457 visa processing time, 5 star. High quality processing of all intra-oral and panoramic/cephalometric films.

Results 1-8 of 21. 40 i/mdgf control lid all 6. The Velopex processor has a continuous processing mechanism — as soon as the first film has fully entered the mechanism the next film can be inserted. Here you can download user manuals, technical manuals, and. Replacing Chemicals Within The Velopex Processor 1) Fill the developer tank with. An integrated recirculation pump provides automatic chemical filling and recycling for optimum chemical life. Intra-X Automatic X-Ray Film Processor (Velopex) The INTRA-X Reliability, Quality and Speed.

This formulation is NOT recommended for rollerless processors like ImageMax or PeriPro. The Velopex Extra-X processes high quality images of all dental x-ray film: Size 0-4, panoramic and cephalometric film. The Extra-X is fully automatic, requiring no personal supervision during processing and delivers dry, developed x-ray images in 4 minutes. We have 1 Velopex Intra-X manual available for free PDF download: User Manual Velopex Intra-X User Manual (28 pages). ‘Run’ Button 7. 1031 Mendota Heights Rd. The Velopex Sprint processes high quality images of dental x-ray film, size 0-4.

Velopex Processor – Exterior VELOPEX EXTRA-X User Guide 2 1. Shown with Daylight Loader: VELOPEX INTRA-X Automatic X-Ray Film Processor Reliability, Quality and Speed in Automatic X-Ray Film Processing. The key to the processor’s performance and efficiency is the unique Velopex film transport system, which holds each x-ray film stationary and gently protected between two continuous permeable belts. Use your Intra-X in daylight with its included Daylight Loader, avoiding the use of a darkroom, freeing up space. There is no easy-to-read date code on the package; for information about any specific batch, call Velopex direct at. processor from Velopex. VELOPEX PROCESSOR CLEANING TABLETS PDF – English User Manuals, Technical Manuals & Quick Start Guides.

other velopex parts : part no. As low as ,799. Processes high quality images of dental x-ray film, size 0-4. High quality, archivable radiographs are delivered velopex processor manual dry in four and a half minutes. In order to maintain the quality of our product and your processing it is important that you follow the instructions contained in this user manual.

Please remember that the VELOPEX CHEMICALS are manufactured by the same people that make the film processor, so it is designed to bring you the best possible results. reading this manual - or before filling the machine with liquids Register your machine by returning the Warranty Card to enable full customer support. The use of any other chemistry during the first 12 months of machine use (the Guarantee period) could void the warranty. Plus high capacity external reservoirs for processor chemistry. Use your turning tool to rotate the webbing a few inches.

Also works great for manual, hand-dip tanks. Details: velopex, intra-x, processor, dental, lite, films, reader, royal, mail, class. 4) Gently replace fixer tank into processor – great care must be taken not to.

Velopex processor manual

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