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I believe the Bronco has the AODE tranny. The clutch is used to spin up the front drive system from zero to vehicle speed in less than a second. 85" and the bearing retainer tube is 1.

Brand: BorgWarner. E shift Borg Warner 1354 to manual Shift conversion. The electric motor is out and there is internal component failure. Condition is "Used". T19s are fully synchronized in all gears and feature all helically cut gears. new borg warner 1356 transfer case out right sale, no core charge 1 year. borg warner 1356 transfer case. 32:1 and as such it is a popular choice for those wanting a very low crawling gear.

Shipping Height: 14. New Process 207, 231, 241OR, 242 & 249 The Jeep and most IH T18&39;s can borg warner 1356 manual shift be adapted to the Jeep Dana 300 and to the New Process transfer caseswith equal ease. All Jeep T18&39;s locate their PTO port on the driver&39;s side. Manual Trans Shifter Repair Kit. When was Borg Warner founded? 8ltF150 4. 1356 Borg - Warner Transfer Case.

The case itself is unusually narrow for a heavy-duty gearbox, and features mild ribbing for strength. 9" long and features a cast iron top cover that is retained by six bolts. 0L Jeep I6 (both Renix and Mopar systems) is adaptable using the s. (Manual shift) fixed front and rear yoke bolt on shift linkage:: BW1356 (Manual shift) fixed front yoke rear circular flange bolt on shift linkage:: BW1356 (Manual shift) front and rear fixed yokes one piece shift linkage, 2″ rear spline:: BW1345. You&39;ll have a very hard time finding the shifter linkage for the 13-56 that fits with the AOD tranny. *** Please callbefore ordering to verify availability. Dana 300,. It feature a manual or electric shift with the gear positions of 2 high, 4 high, 4 low.

KC Fabrication Home Page. What is a Borg Warner transfer case? What is a Borg Warner 1356?

This transfer case was introduced to the market in 1987 and lasted nearly a decade. KC Fabrications LLC. Borg-Warner We are one of the 5 Master Distributors for Borg Warner Torque Transfer products which include 4 wheel drive transfer cases found in GM, Ford, and other vehicles. The T19 does not have this feature. The T18 transmission is 11. 8lt (1992-Up) (Please use original electric components) (Price includes a 0. AMC Jeep Engines.

We offer top quality professional BW1356 transfer case parts and borg warner 1356 manual shift rebuild parts kits that are designed to be top of the line overhaul kits. D-1979 3. Borg Warner 1356 Electric Shift Speed Sensor Location in a 91 Explorer, but Similar; Miesk5 Note Ford Part Number is 7f293 speed sensor Source: by Ford via cobraxp. The transfer case is equipped with a magnetic clutch located TRANSFER CASE - BORG-WARNER 1350 & 1356 inside the case next to the 2WD/4WD shift collar.

It was specifically designed for use in ford vehicles like the Bronco, Econoline Van 2 series, F150, F250 and F350 pickups. This is a magnesium case medium duty chain drive. All Ford versions of the T18 are automatically compatible with Novak adapter assemblies and these transmissions make for excellent conversions due to their adaptability into most Jeeps. com Borg Warner 1356 Electric Shift Speed Sensor Location in Parts Break-Out Diagram Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at SuperMotors. 32:1 (IH), 5:1 or 4:1 (Ford) low gear. See more results.

The front bearing retainer flange measures ~4. T19 versions offer a 6. . Shift Fork (Range & Mode). CASTRATIO 1:1 SHIFTER MANUAL IN/OUT 31/31 INT. Bolt Yoke Manual Shift. Transfer Case Warner 1356 Manual Shift Fits 92-97 FORD F150 PICKUP 381151.

I have spotted a &39;93 F150 at a local wrecking yard with the manual-shift. The T18 is a top loaded, top shifting truck style transmission. Borg Warner Manufacturing; Drive Options. Get all the parts and rebuild kits you need for your Borg Warner transfer case project. Borg Warner BW-1356K Manual Shift Remanufactured Transfer Case /Rear Round Output Flange Yoke / Front Ujoint Yoke / Welded Manual Shift Arm / No Sensor With Switch/ Without PTO.

The Borg Warner 1356 is a replacement for the earlier BW1345 transfer case. . As such, it may be required to pop the top cover and verify. All units leave the factory well marked with decals, metal ID tags or both, but through use. Generally, most CJ T18&39;s from 1972 to 1975 had the close-ratio, fitted with a front adapter plate in cast iron to the AMC bellhousing. Borge Warner manufactured these transfer cases for the Ford Motor Company.

Borg Warner 1356 Transfer Case Parts TheFord F Series trucks and full-size Broncos utilize the Borg Warner 1356 transfer case with chain drive and magnesium casing. The Ford and some Jeep T18s have a very low compound gear at 6. It’s frustrating enough to have your electric motor fail on your BW1356 transfer case when you really need 4WD. The input shaft stick-out length is 6-1/2".

Transfer Case Model: Borg Warner 1356: Shipping Depth: 26. Low gear ratio is 2. The Ford T18 has a 1-1/16" diameter, ten spline input shaft that has a stick-out of 6-1/2" from the front face of the transmission. This is used in Ford Bronco 4. Borg Warner T19 1-2 Shift Fork;. Overdrive w/either C6 T19 or ZF BW 1356 Transfer case. Ford BW-1356 BORG WARNER TRANSFER CASE, Manual Shift FORD BW-1356 BORG WARNER TRANSFER CASE The following parts are always replaced: bearings, seals, fork pads, viscous (when the unit has them) and chains. One brand new updated transfer case mode fork used in Borg Warner 1356 (BW1356) transfer cases.

Check out 135 Borg Warner Transfer Case Assy Parts for sale. One of the most time-consuming and annoying problems associated with manual-transmission and transfer-case repair is unit identification. The Ford T18 can be adapted to the popular Jeep (and many IH) transfer cases, including the: 1. The borg warner 1356 manual shift battle of working with these is compounded if you did not actually witness the transmission&39;s removal from the donor vehicle.

43" in diameter. For more details, see Adapting Ford Transmissions to GM Bellhousings. F-150; F-250; F-350; F-250; Bronco; Original Manufacturer.

This is important if you intend to run it behind a GM bellhousing. We stock all the original equipment parts for Borg Warner Transfer Cases, as well as new and remanufactured transfer cases. Part Time Transfer Case (Manual & Elecronic Shift) Fitted to: Ford F150, F250, F350 & Bronco. The T18 and T19 are relatively simple to rebuild. is an American worldwide automotive industry components and parts supplier, primarily known for its powertrain products, including manual and automatic transmissions, transmission components such as electro-hydraulic control components, transmission control units, friction materials, one-way clutches, turbochargers, engine valve timing system components, and four-wheel drive. (C&39;mon, I know you&39;re out there, mine can&39;t be the only one with a control circuit board that looks like a plate of spagetti). See full list on novak-adapt. These transmission.

I will want a manual-shift transfer case anyway and I can get the Bronco pretty cheap. Both 2wd and 4wd versions of the T18 can be used equally well, and there are no inherent advantages to either one once you have installed our adapter assembly. BorgWarner Engine Group: This is responsible for the research and development of the company&39;s internal combustion engine -related components, along with operational efficiency, including fuel consumption, emissions and performance. Basically, I am looking at buying an &39;89 Bronco with the electric shift 1356. Many choose to do a full rebuild during the adaptation process, and our instruction guides feature all the details, diagrams, pics and tricks required to do professional level work. Key products are turbochargers and other related engine operation components. Anybody done this swap? Ford Model 1356 Borg Warner Transfer Case Repair KitFREE SHIPPING.

I&39;ve done two of these swaps, I know. The mode fork is the one that switches the t-case between 2wd and 4x4. 500" Width; Borg-Warner 1356 2 Speed Part Time Transfer Case. borg warner 1356 manual shift Description We’ve created this product to help ease the process of swapping out your BW1356 Electric Shift Transfer Case for a Manual Shift Transfer Case. The BW1356 is one of Borg Warner&39;s most popular cases. Many shadetree mechanics do very outstanding rebuilds if they have access to a press, snap ring pliers and bearing pullers. The Ford T18 has two extra undrilled ears cast into the front face of the transmission case.

This spin-up allows the 2WD to 4WD shift to be made at any speed. The Borg Warner is a part-time, chain drive 2. For more details, see Adapting Ford Transmissions to AMC Bellhousingsfor details. The following parts are always replaced: bearings, seals, fork pads, viscous (when the unit has them) and chains.

BORG WARNER T 10 4 SPEED SHIFT FORK LEVERS 1-2 3-4. Checking these dimensions will verify that the transmission is a. The BW1356 was manufactured in both manual and electric shift, it is a replacement unit for the earlier BW1345 transfer case, This Borg Warner 1356 is a part-time, chain drive, 2. These transfer cases were used in several different Ford full size Trucks and Bronco fromplease inquire for specific applications). Jeep released 12 known versions of the T18 transmissions from 19, with the greatest variations being in input shaft configurations and gearing. 69:1 ratio with a magnesium case. This transfer case had both electronic and manual shift versions available, and we offer BW1356 transfer case parts for both options.

69:1 ratio, and has a magnesium case. Jeep Cj5 Borg Warner T14 manual transmission shifter top with forks lever. Auto Trans Shift Lever Control Rod Bushing. The transfer cases we offer have been thoroughly tested from the smallest piece to the completed unit. The BW 13-56/AOD manual shift combo is the least common, hardest to find parts for swap. The pilot tip of the transmission measures ~17mm.

FORD BW-1356 BORG WARNER TRANSFER CASE. All gears are helically cut except first and reverse, which are spur gears. The front bolt pattern is the symmetrical Ford "butterfly" pattern; roughly 8-1/2" wide by 6-5/16" tall. As the reader will conclude, the Ford T18 will marry directly to Ford Small Block style bellhousing. · This item came off my 1995 ford bronco 351W with an E4oD transmission. Shipping Width: 25. BW 1356 Output Shaft Pilot Bearing: NewFord BroncoFord F150, F250, F350 Borg Warner 1356 Transfer Case Needle Pilot Bearing. The Borg Warner 1356 transfer case was available from roughly 1985 to 1996.

Cadallac Manual Transmissions. D-1971 2. Ford installed the BW1356 transfer cases in F150, F250, F350, & Bronco&39;s. Borg Warner 1356; BW1356; Compatable Vehicles.

The T18 is synchronized in the second through fourth gears. New Process Jeep 208, 219 & 229 5. For its first several years in production, the T18 used the same case and top cover as its predecessor, the T98.

Borg warner 1356 manual shift

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